Cocodeli vegan

This is a vegan product fermented from coconut milk and is produced by Saaremaa DeliFood OÜ in Saaremaa. In fact, it could be called a vegan yoghurt. According to law, however, yoghurt is a product made from milk, i.e. a fermented milk product with yoghurt cultures (leaven). ‘Cocodeli coconut product’ is an alternative to yoghurt. Others may call it a ‘Vegan Yogurt Alternative’. Our goal was to make a product with a good taste and consistency, making it not only edible but also a great product in general.

The target group is everyone. It suits everyone. It is lactose free and gluten free. It is suitable for vegans. It does not contain allergens, including milk, nuts and soy. It is also suitable for those who do not want to consume products of animal origin. It is suitable for those who ‘care’, as many say. The range of plant-based products is constantly growing. The current quality and taste of plant-based products are so good that you cannot even tell that they are not of animal origin. Coconut products, fermented coconut products, etc. are good, even great. Coconut is used in savoury foods (soups) as well as sweet or unflavoured ones. You can say that we decided in favour of coconut, among other plant sources, because coconut milk or cream is a very good raw material for producing vegan products.
People of all ages may need to switch up their food menu for a variety of reasons. These reasons can be based on lifestyle, health, perspective, nature, environment, sustainability, etc. Choosing a coconut-based product is definitely a good choice.

Plant-based products are great. The production of plant-based products is growing. Yes, most of the products in our range are currently made of dairy, but as a developing and up-to-date company selling products in Estonia and in other markets, we wish to offer more plant-based products. Without constant development, nothing would exist – this applies to both companies and people.